This is a cautionary tale of a junkie narcissist – The final chapter before the fall

This is a cautionary tale of a junkie narcissist – The final chapter before the fall

We are now mid-January after the saga with Betsy, Jeanne came back into Edwin’s life. We were about to start another roller coaster of disappointment and betrayal. After a long conversation with Edwin Jeanne decided to change their relationship by setting up some new expectation. It was supposed to be a brand-new beginning. However, it was going to be the next level of humiliations and this time around it will involve third parties and not the best kind. As life restarted Jeanne was still not trusting Edwin. He was still working overnight and wanted Jeanne’s attention.

He wasn’t about to let her go she was back in his life for good or he thought. He needed her more than she needed him so by February when Jeanne lost her best friend unexpectedly Edwin thought the door was open for him to finally control her. As she was in the office reading an e-mail letting her know her best friend died, he came rushing wondering what was going on. When he heard the news, he put his head on the top of her head. Jeanne was sitting straight and felt him smiling rejoicing her friend was dead. He thought the path was open for him to control her for good. He thought he could manipulate her to sell her condo, he thought he could imprison her in his own home.

He did not realized that she understood very quickly what he was going to do. She was lost, her world was upside down, she had lost her anchor.  She had no idea what to do, she was lost, she felt her world collapse on her. The weeks passed and she felt lost, she could not grasp that her friend, her brother, was gone. While Edwin told her a few hours after she learned the news that she should get over it. She was sick to her stomach, things were not going well for her, she wasn’t able to close contracts, she was behind on payments, her world became her worst nightmare. Weeks passed and she got lost to the point that she hit the dark night of the soul. She wanted to end her life. It took five hours for a friend of hers on the phone to help her to get out of darkness. She needed help and a week later she found the help she needed by calling the suicide hotline. She found the support she needed after the fact and from there she started to put herself back together one step at a time, one minute at a time, one hour at a time. In the meantime, Edwin did not care about the pain the sorrow she was going through. It was mid-March and Edwin decided that since Jeanne wasn’t doing well and wasn’t at his home 24/7 like he planned then he decided to stray again.

Edwin had a new target she was a low life whore she was the sister of Troy her name is Casey. She is a drug addict a wannabe drug dealer selling her body for gas money or place to stay with men. She has several Johns that she hooks up with when she needs something. Edwin had history with her he shared that he started to sleep with her six years ago when he was at his other house and the pregnant girl that he has eyes on was too screwed up to sleep with he decided to have a taste of her. And from time to time, he would use her services she was a fan of him however he never liked her neither loved her. He used her as a tool to get drugs and free sex. So, he started to miss work at night and stay a Troy’s place where he had sex with her. Jeanne felt something was wrong and she started to observe what was going on, she got a hint that something was happening between Edwin and Casey. We are now close to Easter this is where everything unfolded rapidly.

He was going to Troy’s house to get high and at the same time get a blowjob from the whore. It became a routine, however missing too much work caused some issues. Jeanne discovers the weekend of Easter what was going on she was extremely upset and could not believe he would have done that again. This was a form of punishment against Jeanne. He enjoyed it very much however Jeanne discovered on Easter morning some very hurtful and demeaning messages that he was sending to Casey. Trying to describe Jeanne as mentally unstable like a poor girl completely lost. When she discovered the messages, she lost her calm and almost drowned Edwin in the bathtub. He moved up very quickly and she was able to punch him and slap him across the face. She took the shower head and beat him up on his back. He was marked for a week, Jeanne has never lost her calm has never hurt anyone, but he brought it out of her. It was extremely painful for Jeanne to be humiliated again. She had enough she wanted to be done with him. However, these did not lasted long, they were still together she was still trying to find a way to leave him. She tried as much as she could to stay calm, she started to spend more time at her house. He wasn’t about to let her go. But he was still playing the field with Casey the whore. Life was about to change again and take another twist.

Because Edwin missed so much work he got fired. Now he wanted to start a store wanting Jeanne to mend it and have Casey becoming a whore. His idea for Casey was to have her start a business on a side where she would go to some John’s house and clean up the house naked. He wanted her also to recruit other girls to do that his idea was for him to become a pimp. As Jeannie was listening to this in horror, she could not believe that he was lowering himself down to that level. He becomes apparent that too much drugs fed by Casey to him started to really make him unrealistically delusional. He had no intention of letting go of Casey because she was dragging him down to the lowest level it could ever go. A life of lust and deprivation a life of easy drugs sex and he had no intention to elevate himself to any other level. Jeanne was horrified to listen to him talking about planting marijuana in his backyard, having Casey, who is the laziest person in the world mending this and on the top of it doing a business she has no clue how to run.

Casey was the lower grade of whores I would say the one you find on a corner street high like a kite and doing nothing else than blowjobs. Jeanne had a conversation with Edwin letting him know if you want a call girl you got the wrong one with Casey, she’s a lowlife and will never be able to elevate herself as a Madam like he wanted her to be. His response was you can teach her. Jeanne turned around looked at him and started to laugh. Her response to him was as follow: in order to sit at the table with me just for a conversation you will have to have $1000 cash on you. In order for me to even think to do a blowjob on you will have to have $5000 minimum on you. I cannot teach a trailer trash wanna be drug dealer to become a madam. He started to keep Casey further from him focusing on Jeanne. He would call her every day to see how she was doing when she was at her home then when she was back at his place, he would take some time to see what was needed for him to start that store. He was having fun because Jeanne was helping him to try to get on unemployment, EBT and food shelf. As things were progressing, she felt trapped, she felt he was keeping her prisoner, she had enough, nothing was moving forward on her side she did not wanted to be there she had enough.

Edwin contacted Elisa via messenger asking about her store and the fact she was going to do a garage sale. He contacted her and they agreed to go and see Elisa’s place to see what she had for sale. She had a gut feeling that he was going to do the same thing he has been doing for the past few months, not going. This became a pattern for him to promise they would do something and at the last minute he would pull the rug under her feet. This time around she knew he would do something like that so she went into the garage and told him that day would go there within a few minutes. Prior to that when Jeanne arrived, she said the house was OK.

He had already prepared a roast, the only thing she had to do was to make the vegetables. She also noticed that Jimmy, who is a homeless drug addict was spending a lot of time in his house. She also noticed he was moving slowly but surely unbeknownst to Edwin. She did not say anything and let it be they all ate in the dining room. Jeanne went back to the office to continue what she was doing. Then all of a sudden, a big noise came out from the kitchen and the dogs were startled. She had no idea what was going on by the time the noise stopped.  She went into the kitchen to see in horror that Edwin literally destroyed the kitchen in the dining room, everything was everywhere, the dogs could not even reach the patio door.  She understood quickly that he did it on purpose to get her triggered so he could feed offer energy.  Instead of being triggered she went quietly into the office, took the dogs with her, and opened the bedroom patio so they could go outside into the backyard.  She never gave him the opportunity to see her angry at all, she recognized the patterns and wasn’t about to give in to him.  Now back forward into driving to Elisa’s house it was about 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon and it would take one hour to get there.  During that time Edwin exposed himself thinking that would get Jeanne excited.  Instead, what he did was repulsive. She wanted to literally throw up. He could not get himself excited his penis wasn’t reacting since he can’t ejaculate on command.

He has ED, his sexual urges have been extremely dysfunctional for him to ejaculate it would take him exactly close to an hour in that car.  She was disgusted to the view of his penis to see him trying to shake himself it was horrible.  He took a 5-minute nap before they arrived at Elisa’s house.  He got out of the car first while Jeanne was taking her sweet time.  They both met Elisa, what a beautiful person. What she had was pretty good, however, Jeanne did not say a word she wanted to see how Edwin would go about negotiating with Elisa.  He was unable to talk correctly after looking at what she had in the pole barn they went to another area where other things were staged.  When they came back to the pole barn Jeanne had enough, she took over the conversation and asked Elisa if she would allow them to have what will not sell in consignment. Elisa agreed that it would be a good idea plus she could make extra money on top of it instead and give it to charity for them to resell it. Jeanne had a great conversation with Elisa, however, because Edwin wasn’t the center of attention, he started to make some comments.  One of them was what Jeanne was doing and her work wasn’t working, and he was there to save the day by creating a store for her in his house. Jeanne was insulted, she did not flinch but kept the same demeanor but inside of herself she was angry.

Edwin found another way to humiliate her in front and of a perfect stranger. They finally left she also noted earlier that he sent ½ naked picture of him to Casey again.  She had enough so she started to talk in a car about the fact that sending half naked pictures to his whore was disrespectful and she wasn’t going to have it this time.  He apologized and recognized; he shouldn’t have done that. However, the conversation took an unexpected turn he started to be abusive verbally telling her that he will continue to send half naked pictures to whomever he wants and she better to accept that.  At that moment she said no this is not acceptable, and I will refuse to be treated this way.  He wasn’t allowing her to speak but she was able to tell the truth about her peace.

Then he said the worst thing he should have never said to her that he will never go away even though she tried to pull away from him she will come back to him because he created chaos for her to be addicted to it.  He also admitted he sent two demons after her so she could fight for him when he got Casey in bed.  He loved it every minutes of it, because he thought that was sexy. She was appalled she had enough she was horrified for him to admit it then creating the chaos was the addiction he wanted her to be under and the fact that he was trying to destroy her and feeding of her energy. Jeanne is a high-level Empress. She meditates every day she’s connecting with the universe every day her energy is the purest form of energy you will ever have.

People are drawn to her because of the beauty and the angelic energy she has.  Edwin was always drawn towards Jeanne she was not only beautiful inside but also out she had that presence you could not ignore.  And easy to talk, people loved to talk to her so she was an asset to him because for his store this is the person you needed, she was extremely bright and as a businesswoman had the Midas touch.  She is he’s 10 of coin she is the Empress, but Edwin loves to destroy everything as well and for him continue to disrespect her and mixing unprotected sex with Casey the whore is not something that she was interested to be exposed to.  As Edwin was finally telling the full truth to her, she finally said something that would change the course of everything.  She was driving without being angry however she lift up her right hand and place it toward Edwin ‘s face and said to him I am done with your shit I do not want to do anything with you anymore I’m done with you. She pulled the car to the side of the road and ask him to leave and have his whore picking him up.

She repeated twice he would not budge and since no one was on the road she decided to drive again.  He thought at first, she was kidding but she kept repeating it I am done with your shit. He felt that he should start to talk, however since he had little sleep for several days and high on meth, he could not stop talking she asked him to stop talking.  He was still opening his mouth she had to tell him again to shut the fuck up.  She started to increase the sound of the radio because she could not stand to listen to a meth addict talking about nonsense. It was a very long hour to go back to his place. It was becoming late as well, and she was drained of her energy.  At one point of time, he attempted to put his hand on her lap.  She took his hand and pushed it towards him letting him know in a very deep angry tone of voice do not touch me.  He lied saying he was asleep when she told him again do not touch me.  When they arrived at home, he left the car first she locked her car and went inside the house.  He realized she was unhappy, she wanted to leave right away but because it was getting late, she was worried about driving 35 miles back to her house with the dogs.  She decided to stay, and they went to bed. She was fully closed she had no intention of changing her clothes.  He tried to approach her, and she told him again to leave me alone.

He watched TV while she fell asleep at one point of time, she heard some noise. It was Jimmy started to come around in the middle of the night to stay and move quietly into Edwin ‘s house popped his head.  It was about 5:00 AM when Jeanne woke up, she heard some noise saw something horrifying on TV she shut it off and decided to go straight into the garage. She knew Edwin was on the phone and wanted to check the messages. These confirmed that he closes to midnight contacted Casey the Whore.  Per the text she saw he woke her up followed by a 9-minute phone conversation after that.  Edwin appeared in a garage, and she asked him so you could not help yourself isn’t it you had to contact her.  He attempted to lie again. Saying it was about her car that wasn’t working.  She told him BS that had nothing to do with it has to do with the fact that he needed to wine to his Whore.  He got angry and said he had enough of her stuff then he was tired of the drama.  She said to him not to worry, I’m packing up my stuff and we’ll go.  She went inside the house to pack up all of her stuff, making sure that everything was in her bags and took a huge bag of food that was unopened. Put it in the back of her car while the dogs were playing in the backyard.  She did her last walk in the yard to get some of the dogs’ toys. She opened the garage door and stayed there tells him that Loulou wanted to say goodbye and she was ready to go.

She also wanted the money for the gas which he rudely told her to go back inside and stay there I need to figure it out this one.  So, she said to him well that’s not happening I’m leaving right now you can call your whore bring her into your home because this is her house right now, I’m leaving have a nice life goodbye.  She took the dogs and left his place. She had no intention of returning and, on her way home realizing how horrible this entire situation has been.  She knew the weeks ahead would be the hardest ones because of the conditioning he did on her and the psychic connection they had it would try to do things to make her want to connect with him.  She had a therapist that was going to help her and also her friends.  That Sunday she connected with Elisa text so Elisa could connect with Edwin for the stuff she wanted to get rid of.

To her surprised Elisa said she would not do any business with him and admitted it to her that when she saw Edwin, she never knew him at school, her brother probably did. The people he gave names while he was speaking with her were all drug addicts and hard drugs they were doing in high school. She felt unsafe around him and was worried because he was asking weird questions.  She also nodded that his energy was all over the places, and he was unstable while she was calm and grounded.  And she only agreed to do business with Jeanne, she had no intention of doing anything with him at all because she did not trusted him. Jeanne was so surprised about that and also the fact that she also had been dealing with a narcissist for the past nine years.  It helped her to understand what Elisa had gone through and also finding somebody who understood how to deal with a narcissist.

The same day she left Edwin ‘s house the whore moved in feeding him drugs for free controlling him that way.  Knowing Edwin had no control over his own drugs he started to overdose.  Not taking care of himself, letting the house look like a dump.  Calling Casey when he needed her for more drugs because it was free.  Casey’s intentions because Troy’s lease is expiring in July is to find another place and she wants to go leave with Edwin so her idea was to feed him a lot of drugs so she could move in.  Not having Jeanne in his life gives her the way to do that, Casey was supposed to give the name of someone Randy is his name who has a lot of items for sale.

She purposely delays the connection between Edwin and Randy because she wanted the reward, she wanted to show Edwin she was useful.  The truth is Casey is a lazy person she’s using her body and has several Jones to pay for her needs in exchange of sex.  Edwin’s offer a lot of good things like a shelter and also because they wanted to start this business of naked cleaning lady and her to become a Madame is as high in her expectation then becoming the queen of England in her eyes.  She is happy like a clown because her nemesis is out of the way, and she has been doing everything in her power to keep Edwin busy, so he doesn’t think to come back to her.  As a drug addict a wannabe drug dealer her goal is to fed for free Edwin meth.

And as long as he’s high like a kite she is not worried about manipulating him to move to his house even though he could be at higher risk of dying of overdose she doesn’t care.  Within a week his world has been turned upside down he’s still focusing on opening that store now that he has the supply from Randy however now she can use it as a front for drugs since Casey can supply those drugs.  Easy money for her to make while she’s using his house to do this.  As Jeanne is moving on in her life, she has found the peace she needed, her dogs are happier, she has cut the cord with Edwin and also the addiction he tried to inflict on her did not work, she is s strong minded person she wasn’t one of the girl he had dealt before. He thought he could manipulate her and it did not work at the end it went right back where he belong.  With the support of her friends and therapist she has make great progress on living a better life she’s a fighter she’s a warrior and she knows that her ancestors will be dealing with Edwin and the whore.

Edwin since she left has attempted to connect with her to bring her back to continue to harass her.  She has stand her ground even though some of his words were hurtful to the point that she knew deep inside she is an impressed she is the 10 of coin. The whore is nothing else than a tool he has no feeling towards her whatsoever she is just there to supply him with drugs and since she’s there to help him with his devious ways and she gives him free sex not even knowing he has ED.  He also contracted an STD from her because having a prostitute in your life that doesn’t protect herself neither is Edwin you are bound to have something happening to you.  Lucky for Jeanne she was extremely smart when she came back to his life to protect herself which also frustrated Edwin.

And this was one more reason he decided to stray with Casey.  As she continued to build her life back, she felt more empowered to share her story because she knew that Edwin ‘s path had turned for the worse.  He has chosen a Jezebel and think he’s the king of the pimps he’s an only poor narcissist guy who has smoked so much meth then his brain is damage then he thinks he’s looks good when now he’s looking 10 years older than he should be.  His brain is damaged and also having to work overnight has lower his capability to speak intelligently with people.  In his previous job he was able to meet interesting people that would pique his curiosity but on overnight it was just cleaning a floor and the people there we’re not intellectually challenging for him so is thought process has become lower at the same level than his trailer trash whore.  He is completely delusional sleep little. When looking at himself in the mirror he still thinks he is handsome, his pictures are awful, his face as age so much he’s not as he was attractive two years ago.  It is sad for Jeanne to see what happened to him within two years to see then it took the wrong path. A path of destruction a path that is gonna be highly paid via karma.  He had the opportunity of a lifetime to have a life full of joy and happiness, something to elevate him to a better space.  Instead, he chose lust and deprivation easy money easy sex thinking he’s gonna make big time money.  Casey will steal money from him.

Casey doesn’t care about anything except her. Casey is infatuated with Edwin but what Casey doesn’t realize is Edwin is using her Edwin has no feelings toward her Edwin doesn’t care she’s a tool she’s a holding placement to him for the empress to return. Casey knows deep inside of her that the only person he really wants to be with is Jeanne.  She tries doll up unfortunately for her you cannot remove a trailer trash whore and elevate to an impressed level, however you can have an Empress lowering herself as a whore.  Casey will never be Jeanne, she’s gonna try very hard but Edwin is going to realize very quickly she will never be anything more than a whore, she doesn’t make any money has no ambition just follow him like a puppy because she learned to be submissive that is the difference between her and the Empress.

While Edwin he’s trying so desperately hurt Jeanne, he has no idea the ancestors are watching he has no idea that karma is going to be coming for him he has no idea that he might end up somewhere that you’re not going to be able to see the grass anytime soon.  In regard to the trailer trash Casey, she is going to be a burden to him she is going to be too needy for him but for now because she supplies him with free drugs aka Meth he doesn’t care.  When he comes to customer service Casey is the worst of the worst she cannot communicate properly with people and when people look at her, they see the drug addict they see someone who cannot communicate properly, and nobody wants to approach her because of the lower energy she’s vibrating.

Even with a skirt or a dress it still shows it is very sad to see Edwin who had a great future ahead of him deciding to choose the wrong path and  with Casey the Jezebel he’s going to learn very quickly very soon that what comes up must come down everything he has touched in a past has never worked and it’s very sad that the idea he had to the store is going to be turning into something else that’s going to get him in trouble.

He is going to be a big disappointment to his family and the people who once cared for him as well.  But it is his destiny, and the Empress knew it. She walked away from him and continues on her own path.