This Is A Cautionary Tale Of A Junkie Narcissist

This Is A Cautionary Tale Of A Junkie Narcissist

It all started a couple of years ago when Edwin entered Jeanne’s life. It was not something Jeanne had ever planned, what would happen next would take 2 years in the making to finally walk away from all of it.

She was about to discover a world she had never been exposed to and it would be a life changer. She thought she had been facing extreme challenges but what was about to happen was a reminder that the life she had gone through would prepare her for what was coming next.

Jeanne is a smart businesswoman in her late forties, she had a life full of adventures. She started her own business; she was focused on expanding her reach by becoming a master in her own field. Her world was comprised of friends all over the world and her pets.

She was driven by opportunities that were coming her way. Edwin entered her life in an unexpected way, she was not looking for anyone, her business was taking off and it was her focus. He was in a trade world at that time when he came to do the repairs on her house.

He noticed her and quickly, as a narcissist would do, assessed her and her surroundings. He had already estimated the cost of the house and was listening carefully when Jeanne was talking on the phone. He did what a good narcissist would do to test the water.

He found out quickly she was single, he saw she was a determined and strong person. He knew she was his next “supply” a mark if you will! She did not take his advances seriously; she was cautious but in one way was amused.

She wanted to do some extra remodeling in her house, so to show how much he would care he recommended a wholesaler and even offered to do the installation for free under one condition if she would help him and get a free meal. She agreed to it.

So, the dance started, Edwin had a plan, and this was to start to condition her in what we call “a cult of one”. First, he would not show up when he offered to help her. Then when he was there, he would let her do most of the work. She got irritated that her house was a war zone adding the fact she was doing most of the work.

After having a conversation with Edwin, they finally finished the remodeling. They started to become friends and Edwin made it clear to Jeanne he was coming for her. She still did not take it seriously; we were close to Christmas, and he wanted her to meet his family.

She felt it was too soon to do that, so she said no, Edwin shared he was done with a relationship he had but somehow his ex-Titi the Tuna was still stalking him. She did not want to have anything to do with that.

For New Year’s Edwin invited Jeanne to go to his hometown so he could show her where he lived. She was excited it would be great to discover that little town. Well, this was another red flag, that evening Edwin disappeared he had a meltdown and never came to pick up Jeanne. Instead, he went to his hometown with a bottle of gin and got drunk in his van.

Jeanne was extremely disappointed and had had enough of his actions. She was ready to walk away when he came back in January. He even started to bring items to her house. He was moving in without her realizing it right away.

February the 13th she went to his house. It was the second time she had visited that house. The first time she went there unannounced she opened the patio door. She found him sleeping on a chair in a crowded small room. The rest of the house was in shambles, literally it was a dump or should I say, “under permanent construction”.

This time around he cleaned up his house, she met his mother for the first time as well. Jeanne unloaded Edwin’s clothes from her car. She had no intention of having him move into her house. His mother left and they went to the bedroom to relax.

What Jeanne did not know at the time was that Edwin was still with Titi the Tuna. An hour after they went to the bedroom watching TV, Jeanne left earlier her coat, shoes, and purse in the office. As they were starting to fall asleep, they heard a voice calling him.

Jeanne had no idea who it was, Edwin woke up in terror and told Jeanne it was Titi. This is where all hell broke loose. Titi was able to convince a friend of Edwin’s roommate that was fixing his car in the garage to break into the house.

From there she spent the next two hours roaming the house, including the office where she opened the purse and took a picture of Jeanne’s ID. Jeanne needed to go to the bathroom very bad, but Edwin was so terrified to be discovered by Titi, he decided to play “dead”. Troy, the roommate’s friend, was ready to leave. It was the opportunity for Jeanne to leave the bedroom via the bedroom’s patio door.

She was able to enter the back patio door like she came from the garage followed by Titi. She quickly went to the bathroom. She went in the office and picked up her stuff while being interrogated by Titi the Tuna.

She left and could not believe what had just happened. From there Jeanne kept her distance from him. He would try to get into Jeanne’s head at times to get her into his narcissist pattern. In April Jeanne had enough and went to talk to Edwin.

She gave him an ultimatum, “you are in or out”. He decided to go all in, or so she thought. Late May he decided to propose to her on a job site he was working at, and she was visiting. She said “sure” and what she did not realize is that she became a trophy for the next year that he would be dangling in front of everyone.

Starting with his father, who was a successful business owner who retired in his 50’s. He was a shroud businessman. However, after testing Jeanne he realized she was a smart savvy businesswoman. They spent their summer weekends at his cabin and enjoyed motorcycle rides. Both Edouard and Jeanne had a wonderful bond. Edouard had high hopes for Edwin and thought he would finally settle with Jeanne.

That Summer Edwin childhood friend Trev was going through the process of handling an inheritance and a battle with his family trust. With the death of his grandma the trust was supposed to be split amongst the children.

Trev wanted to use the money to purchase a motel in South Dakota. Edwin wanted Jeanne to be involved, Jeanne was not too keen to do so knowing Trev’s past. However, she decided to meet Trev to figure out what he was looking for.

Edwin was in heaven thinking his master plan to take control over Trev’s millions worked so he could spend them. What Edwin did not realize was that Jeanne had figure out what he was up to. So, when they drove to South Dakota to see Trev for the second time. Trev showed Jeanne the motel, when they came back from the ride Jeanne drafted a solid contract that would protect her.

Since she did not trust Trev or Edwin. One could not do illegal business, or he would lose over a million dollars and the second could not take over the money because to be part of the joint venture he had to be unanimously voted in the partnership.

As the summer went on Jeanne noticed Edwin was on the phone a lot, he also became paranoid about his phone. This brings us back again to Titi the Tuna.

By June Jeanne was going freely to Edwin’s house. One day just a week before his son’s birthday they were in the living room where his bed was and as they were talking Titi arrived unannounced, this time the house was locked also, they thought. Titi was not able to open the front door. However, a window had been left half open. Titi was able to wiggle herself through the window quickly and quietly. As Edwin was speaking, he started to say, “what are you doing here Titi”.

He repeated that twice looking over at Jeanne. At first Jeanne thought he was joking. She turned around and saw Titi standing right there. For the next hour Titi tried to pick a fight with Edwin and made some horrifying comments. That he was a drug addict on crystal meth, cheating and other statement along the line how she would strike at him before he did anything to her. Edwin face was livid he was scared to death that the truth Titi was talking about would scare Jeanne.

As Jeanne was sitting on the bed, she was texting a friend of hers giving her a play by play. After an hour she had enough and stated to Edwin “your mother is waiting for us we got to go”.  They were able to get Titi out of the house and they went to the gas station.

As he went inside Jeanne was on her phone and as the minutes passed, she found it odd he wasn’t back right away. She looked at the exit door of the gas station and saw Edwin followed by Titi. They went back to the house still being followed by Titi.

Edwin entered the house and Titi followed him; he went back outside still being followed by Titi. A few minutes passed when Jeanne went to the van and told Edwin “This is your mother on the phone we need to go” from there they left via two cars. Titi did not follow them, she left in her orange jeep to go back to her home.

For a month Titi did not reach out to Edwin. However, come August, the month of the extremes. This is where the truth started to come out. Edwin’s behavior became erratic, violent outburst, being cold and mentally abusive. This did not happen overnight it was gradual, and I would say like a scalpel precise cut on the skin.

On the weekend over to his father’s cabin during a motorcycle ride Edwin was making some calls outside of the bar when they stopped. Jeanne knew at that time it was Titi, her instinct would never fail her. She had confirmation at night. While Edwin was asleep Jeanne went through his phone and found a series of explicit texts.

She became suspicious of Edwin’s activities and confronted him; Edwin was a good liar and tried a few stories to see what would happen. Jeanne was also looking at what Edwin was smoking, Edwin lied to her by stating it was Kief. Somehow Jeanne did not believe him, so she did her own research and discovered it was crystal meth.

At that point she was horrified. To make things worse, in Mid-August Edwin went into town to see Titi. That night he never came back home. They were supposed to leave by morning for his father’s cabin. Instead, Jeanne was worried his phone was off and Edouard called Jeanne asking her at what time they would arrive since he could not get ahold of his son. She felt mortified about the situation but again she had no proof of cheating with Titi.

As things were spiraling down, we were approaching September, his birthday. Jeanne wanted to host lunch at his mom’s house. She was excited and was hoping for the best. She was going to make chili and had some custom-made cookies. It was supposed to be a great Sunday.

However, she was still on edge sensing things were about to go down. That Friday night she was working late and had a sense something was about to go down. She had a strong feeling Edwin was with Titi again! At one point she texted him letting him know she was on her way to his house. And, to say hello and goodbye to Titi. His response was “you are a weirdo”.

She was furious she kept her hands on the steering wheel and arrive before him to his house. He arrived 30 minutes later. He hid his phone in the office and went to bed like nothing happened. Jeanne waited for him to fall asleep and went into the office and searched for it.

What she discovered made her angry Titi texted Edwin asking him why he left instead of cuddling with her. She went back to the bedroom, lying next to him for a while. At about 6 AM she woke him up and started the most grueling interrogation for four and half hours to get the truth out of him. He admitted he was on crystal meth did not even gave credit to Jeanne to have figure it out this one. Admitted having cheated on Jeanne twice. He also admitted she did transport illegal drugs across states unknowingly and unwillingly. She was livid all this was happening a day before his birthday.

At that point she gave him 90 days to clean up his act with the meth, cutting immediately all communication with Titi. It was a test she was doing to see if he could keep the end of the bargain. Edwin stopped working last June, he wanted to take some time off and enjoy life. What Jeanne discovered is that Edwin was trying to have her sell her house, moving full-time with him and asking her to get hitched in September. Jeanne refused to get married, stating she needed to take her time no rush.

In regards of her house, she had no intention of selling it knowing he would try to put his hands on the money. He was trying to isolate her as much as possible to control her, he made other promises but at that point she knew it would not work at all and he was using her as the piggy bank. She kept her promise to stay for the next 90 days to see through it.

Edwin was trying as much as he could to control her. He was parading her around and telling everyone she was rich! He was using his Facebook to create a fake narrative that the people reading it would and are believing him!

Things were not going to stop anytime soon, as a narcissistic person Edwin made a lot of promises and every single one of them would be broken. This is the pattern of a narcissistic person, a month passed, and everything seems OK. Jeanne never took her guard down she knew it would not last. However, Edwin loved to go online and as a good narcissistic person he would go back to the people he had been intimately involved with.

This time it was someone that is living in Tennessee. She is married and is another narcissist as well. Never worked her entire life, loving the life of luxury she had. Used social media to show it all off in need of attention as well. She loved to stray away from her marriage. Her sibling would have her flying here and cover her extra marital affairs.

In the past she and Edwin did hook up when she was in town. This time he had an entire motive because Edwin modo was “what can I get out of you” each time he would befriend someone. She had some memorabilia he was interested in since he wanted to start another thrifty store. His goal was to sway her to come with a couple of items. However, she had her own agenda as he shared with Jeanne the news, he might be getting some items from her. He told Jeanne he would handle it.

A few weeks passed when Jeanne went back to his place one day, she had the urge to search for his phone. To her horror she discovered some explicit messages with a few pictures as well. As Jeanne started to confront Edwin, he tried to push her back and told her it was a game. Jeanne knew it wasn’t and he had entered an emotional relationship with another ex. He wasn’t in control of that game the ex was.

She packed up her stuff and left his house,

This time around she was not going to let this go any further, she took matters into her own hands and flipped the situation around. They stopped communicating for a week, in the meantime the ex-got a new phone number and the saga continued.

We were a few days away from Thanksgiving and she wasn’t planning on going to his mother’s house after this issue. Edwin blackmailed her to show up, what he did not know that Saturday when she stormed out of his house, she did call his mother and cancelled the invitation to go to his mother letting her know what she had uncovered.

By the time she arrived an hour later everyone knew what he had done. Edwin tried to be loving but Jeanne ignored him and brushed him away in front of his family. He switched his seat with his sister so he could stay further away from Jeanne.

Jeanne was able to have some private time with his mom. She told her what was going on with the drugs and the cheating. His mom conceded that what he was doing was like his father’s behavior about cheating.

December arrived and it was the eve of his mother’s birthday. Jeanne wanted to do a luncheon at his house with the rest of his family. This luncheon was planned a few weeks prior to Thanksgiving and Jeanne did not want to cancel it. As she was ready to go to the store for the final items, Edwin went to bed, so she started a simple conversation about Ed the Painter who was texting him and calling him a lot. He stated this was a guy he knew and had a lot of issues.

Jeanne did not buy the lie; she knew it was something else. Earlier that night she noticed that for a few hours he was in the living room on his phone. She sneaked in while he was outside and noticed Albert the painter was the number that was called often.

As she was leaving to go to the store his phone made a noise. She had no idea who it was, but the message intrigued her. So, she played the game to respond, it only took a few messages when she realized to her horror it was the ex.

Jeanne stormed into the bedroom and confronted Edwin who again denied everything. She went in a state of shock, she could not believe he would have done that. She had brought the food for the luncheon and had no intention of leaving it behind. As she was quickly packing the food and placing it in the car. She was starting to hyperventilate and started to say “Oh my god, Oh my god! For a good 5 minutes. She took her clothes and left with the dogs.

Edwin was in a feat of anger and was verbally abusive but not fast enough to stop her from taking the dogs away this time around. She started the car still saying “oh my god”

She tried to call a friend but could not get hold of him, so she called her friend Grace to help her to drive back home. Grace was such a life saver during the trip back home Jeanne fainted almost 3 times on the highway.

She dropped her dogs at the doggy daycare while Edwin became overly abusive via text and phone. She stayed home and could not believe he would do that again. The entire family arrived for the luncheon and found only Edwin without the food. No one was happy because they figured it out very quickly, he had continued to talk to the ex. This was a big blow to Edwin’s narcissism ego.

As he continued to connect with his ex, Jeanne discovered she was coming into town the week of Christmas. It was a few hours before she landed, so to make sure she would not have what she came for, Jeanne engineered a strategy to meet her with Edwin. She let Edwin thought it was his idea.

They did meet at a coffee shop and spoke for a few hours; she wasn’t happy at first and realized she would not get what she came for. She left town without having the good time she was planning with Edwin and Edwin never had the memorabilia he wanted for his delusional store he allegedly wanted to open.

Looking at the amount of money Jeanne had spent on his house it was starting to be substantial.

She wanted her money back; she did apply for a loan he was entitled it was the reason she stayed longer to get her money back. We were now close to the new year and life was different, her goal was the money. She knew it would not be easy, but she wanted what was rightfully hers back and some more.

His drug intake was lower, but he never quit, she knew he loved his meth more than anything else, he already told her in past conversation. He also told her that she would not leave him if she tried, but he would tell her when she could go, which is typical of a narcissist.

He was a conman, not a good one, just a low-grade hustler that could read people quickly. Every deal he was doing was based on others conning him by showing him shiny objects he could not resist. A bad businessman and a poor lover, his addiction to porn was evident in bed. So much drug use made it impossible for him to perform as well.

Jeanne decided to take a solo trip in January to his dismay she kept it. He wasn’t happy because he could not control her. She needed a break and start fresh while waiting for the money. Before she left for her well-deserved gateway, she sat down with him. She explicitly told him that she has chosen her life purpose over him.

By mid-February she was ready to give up on the money when it finally arrived. Edwin never told her it was in the bank by the time she learned that he had already spent a good amount on futility and one of them was a truck that wasn’t worth $7K. That Friday she discovered he had received the money when confronted he lied again to her.

That night she went through the bank account and was able to trace it back. He wasn’t about to give her anything. She stayed in the living room sleeping on the chair. By morning they went to the bank, this was one of the most humiliating situations yet, that was about to happen.

As they went to the bank Jeanne assumed Edwin would have a check or money to pay her back. What she did not realize was that he wasn’t about to do that. They entered the bank and waited in line, when their turn came, she stepped aside so he could do the transaction he was planning to do. While she was waiting and listening to Edwin ordering a cashier check for the $7K. Edwin did not ask for another check.

Jeanne’s blood left her face and she felt the humiliation coming upon her. She felt betrayed as they left the bank, the cashier was looking at Jeanne a little worried. They both left and went to her car, as she was sitting in the car the feeling of rage started to take over. She faked a smile which Edwin did not even realize. He was so much in control of the situation he thought he had trapped her.

As she tried to keep her composure, thinking how was I going to get the money? Edwin placed his hand behind her head and told her “He will take care of her” this was the breaking point for Jeanne. As they were turning into a smaller road something broke inside of her. She started to push the accelerator pedal down. It was an icy road at that moment she was looking for a tree where she could unbuckle his seatbelt and crash her car to kill him. As the car started to speed faster and the rage inside of her started to blind her, she heard a little voice asking her what would happen to the pups? Who would take care of them?

As she spotted the perfect tree, she snapped out of it and kept the car on the road. She arrived at the place the truck was. He got out of the car and went to speak with the seller, she quickly left the place driving back to his place.

She had a couple of options she was debating loudly in the car. One pack up the stuff and go or thinking of her business if she could get the hold of his credit card and process it, she would be good. Edwin realized she might be a flight risk and quickly did the buy and drove as quickly as he could to his house. with the new truck.

She was there sitting in the dining area, waiting patiently for him. He arrived all worried and she just started to play the game of “how I am going to pluck you like a chicken”. He had no idea how she was about to outsmart him. He felt better when he saw Jeanne smiling but Edwin made a mistake when he left the room, he left his wallet on the table.

Jeanne grabbed it and took a picture of the credit card that would be useful for later. As a good narcissist Edwin was living it large thinking, he had a billion dollars in his banking account. Money has always and will always burn his hands.

He is incapable of keeping it or even managing his bills. He was late on his property taxes and his utilities.

He thought he was living the life of a thug and cash was the only way to go. So back to that Saturday afternoon while he was busy getting high, Jeanne took her laptop and went to the credit card terminal she had. She tried to run the first test at $5K but got rejected which freaked her out. So instead of letting it go she tried for a smaller amount of $2.5K which worked. She proceeded to do a few more transactions which during the weekend does not process yet until Monday. She proceeded to do the same thing on Sunday that would equal the amount he owed her.

She felt a huge sense of relief it was now time to exit the nightmare. However, it did not go as smooth as she thought. Edwin was still talking with the ex from Tennessee and since she did not get what she came for, she was on the mission since January to try to create a wedge at any opportunity she had between them. Edwin, who needed to speak trash about Jeanne to his ex was the perfect combo. However, the ex-did not realize that Edwin was not going to kick Jeanne to the curb. Edwin was not about to do that.

However, after Edwin realized by Tuesday Jeanne took the money he went into a rage and became verbally abusive even making attacks via Facebook towards Jeanne without naming her. The ex was more than happy to laugh and comment about it on his posts. After the last altercation via the phone Jeanne blocked him. She also found out he was tormenting and gaslighting Titi the Tuna with past pictures and stories that triggered her.

Titi the Tuna was another full-blown narcissist alcoholic with a delusional grandeur. She was addicted to tormenting Edwin, to which it’s called double mothership. It means feeding each other like two vampires sucking their life out of each other. They were the worst toxics relationship you could ever imagine but since they were both highly addicted people, they could only fuel each other’s darkness.

He did not realize right away she had done that, a few weeks passed, and her life was starting to get back on track. She decided to unblock him thinking he would not contact her. A day passed when he started to contact her freaking out, she wasn’t talking to him.

She was about to sign a deal in June that would have helped her business but somehow it did not happen. She was faced with a daunting couple of months in July and August that would be tight for her. She made the conscious decision to go back to him temporarily so she could have a reprieve, or she thought.

She thought at that time it was the best option so she stayed there, and Edwin thought she would not leave. He was talking about opening a business with her even though she told him she would never do that with him at all. She saw his behavior and had neither trust nor faith about running a successful business with him. Again, trying to manipulate her to sell her house, she wasn’t about to do that at all. She was optimistic and kept going. Some days Edwin would not purchase any groceries to starve her thinking she still had the money she took from him. That money actually paid some bills she had.

Trev and Edwin had a falling out at the end of the year, so Edwin had to find another supplier for his meth. He, by the intermediary of another junky who had another supplier, Sean. Edwin loved to use the conversations he had with Jeanne and use them with others so he could sound smarter. Jeanne had cut on about a year ago and wasn’t about to give him any insight into anything, knowing he would use it to his advantage. Sean was not doing well health wise, so Carey, Trey’s sister who was a small drug dealer came in to play.
She worked at a farm; Edwin used to go get his supplies from her. The farm went bankrupt and the flowers they were growing where going to waste. Edwin got another brilliant idea why not plant and sell them from his home?

Jeanne knew it was a bad idea, Edwin wasn’t going to listen to her. He invited Carey to his house to allege plant the bulbs. Well, Jeanne was monitoring via the cameras what was going on and realized quickly that Carey was doing nothing then getting high and truly believed something again was happening with Edwin.

She came unannounced to his place and quickly realized he was getting higher than usual, and she was stoned as well. She kicked her out and yelled at him, nothing was being sold and the backyard was the same. So that weekend she spent 4 hours planting the bulbs with him. He was whining the whole time because he was incapable of working that hard unless he was getting high between each row. Jeanne was selling the plants for the first amount of money that came. Edwin took the money for himself, this did not sit well with Jeanne, so every sale she made she took a good percentage off and kept the rest for groceries.

August came and she finally got another contract that was a Hail Mary that started to put her back on track. She hadn’t been in love with Edwin since September 2021, however she had to be patient to get her money back. Now we were in September 2022 and the only thing she had in mind was leaving. She was now preparing her exit.

It was challenging since dealing with a junky and narcissistic person she had to be careful about herself and her dogs. She remembered his threats, even though she wasn’t scared of him she knew he was unstable.

So, the exit plan begins……..Jeanne knew she would be gone before year’s end. She just had to make sure to remove items slowly one at a time so he would not get suspicious. She started to go back to her house days at the time. He did not like it because he could not control her at all.

Her contract ended earlier than expected, it was time to make the decision should I stay or should I go. To make matters worse the furnace in his house wasn’t working. In is crazy mind he thoughts a small heater would be sufficient. At the beginning the heater was in the bedroom.

Thanks to the fact that he moved it to the bathroom, one thing Edwin loves to take is A bath, a long bath!  He would even sleep in it high and drunk. So, when the temperature was plummeting Jeanne was sleeping in her clothes.

Edwin had an overnight job he landed in May; it was good money but again he was incapable of managing it, spending his money unwisely. He did sell some of his minibikes, however he was getting more junk in his garage that times would end up in the house itself.

It was becoming increasingly cold and unsafe in the house. Jeanne had moved everything out of the house, it was just now time to get out. That Friday Jeanne was on a conference call, Edwin decided to let the dogs outside in the weather that was less than 15 without Jeanne knowing. He went to the bathroom and got high for a good half an hour until Jeanne was able to get out of the call. The smell of the meth was filling the office, Jeanne’s body was reacting to it in the wrong way. She was getting sick she could not stand it anymore and had to open a window to get some fresh air.

She was upset to see her dogs freezing to death waiting for someone to open the door, he was too high and cocky that was the last straw for her. She decided at that point it was time to go, now it was a matter of letting him know. By Saturday night, early Sunday morning, the bedroom was colder. Edwin, who was high, decided to take a bath. He spent two hours getting high and drunk the bedroom temp went down to 10 degrees. Jeanne was trying to keep herself and the pups warm.

Edwin finally got out of the bathroom, when he opened the door, you could feel the heat and condensation from the bedroom. Jeanne had enough, by Sunday late afternoon she finally packed up her stuff and went to say goodbye to Edwin in the bedroom.

She told him that was it, she could not do this anymore. She had enough and his house was a dump. He had no heat, the flooring is nonexistent, this is an unsafe house, and no one would like to live like that. Everything he had in his house was picked up from a curbside in bad shape and had no dryer when washing the clothes. He had no heater in the bedroom, and she could not expose her dogs to these unsafe conditions. The backyard had broken glass all over, buried garbage, unburned garbage, junk all over the place. It was unsafe for any animals or humans.

He started to cry and for a moment, because he wasn’t high, he apologized for the way he treated her, he wasn’t crying for Jeanne, he was crying for himself because he was being abandoned and he did not want to be by himself. In desperation he tried to tell her he would change. In a kind way Jeanne stated it was all a lie he would never change. She wasn’t going to be dealing with a junky when she has never done drugs in her lives. She did not want to live in a dump and unsafe house for her and the dogs without any heat. But it wasn’t enough, she told him to find someone else. She left quietly like she had come and took the pups. As she drove back to her place a sense of peace and freedom came upon her. She was smiling, feeling relieved the universe had her back. She had no food or a contract yet, but she knew it was the right decision for them.

A few days later she got a new contract and started to move on. Edwin was not about to let her go so he started first by being sweet and all loving then when this did not work, he started phase two by attacking her via text messages and made some vial comments on Facebook again. She put him back in his place when she discovered he had a VIP membership on Tinder, so he was spending money to talk to girls while the bills were still piling up.

One of the comments that said it all to her was the following, “it started with an emoji but one specific which is the middle finger” followed by “detached a while ago I’m a man nothing was making me wonder about you maybe because you weren’t there. At least I had fun at the first legs (women). Her response was “There is nothing else to say at this point Edwin. Enjoy your life wishing you well”. She waited to see what he would say, he sends her “Hurt” by Johnny Cash on Pandora. She as she has always done quietly blocked him from all contacts and moved on, he started to go back to his ex-girlfriend’s contacts like narcissist personas do but this time he added a twist.

Sean, his supplier, now had his girlfriend Erinica running the show, so he has been cozying up to her. Since he needed a new supply aka mark, another Jeanne to go after he has now is eyes on Erinica’s friend a single mom Krissa and he is gaslighted the conversation to get her to respond to him first. She was upset about a false narrative he started while putting her on a pedestal so she could feel special “how beautiful she is super pretty” “I kept saying to myself man this girl is really sweet, and she is trying really hard. Your pictures of you and your baby’s are totally adorable”.

To make himself showing up as someone who cares here’s the following “making sure the little guy is kept in good protectives hands when you go back to work. “That’s what keeps rolling out of my mind” As you can read this is how manipulative narcissists are.

Now this is the move to get to her: “was curious has it been a transformation mothering can be only something a person desires after someone misses out on their chance. Your pictures are incredible what an amazing gift” Again trying to put her on a pedestal.

Now since she is still upset about the first comment, he made this move to see what her response would be: “I’ve been putting a lot of thought in to how much I should be considering how I might want to bring myself into being a possible candidate in dating this really sweet, beautiful younger’s lady I might want to court. What’s your opinion”?

This is a predator’s move; most people will not read this way because they think they care. A narcissistic person does not care, they only want their supply aka mark to put on the pedestal, control and destroy this goes in cycles repeatedly. They will make sure they not only destroy that person mentally but financially and job wise as well so that person is left at the mercy of him/her. Keeping them prisoner by brainwashing them with their sick games.

Jeanne understood that even though he had created a pattern of addiction she was not going to stay. She fell out of love and had no trust in him, she just wanted her life back.

The other issue is that narcissists also use social media to create a false narrative. For example, Edwin always stated his house is paid, he takes pictures of expansive steaks and flaunts this all-over social media. He makes comments and personal comments on past relationships making him the victim never the perpetrator. They want people to drink their cool aid which most of them do. They lie at every turn and will take advantage of anyone and everyone as long as that makes the narcissist look good. While this is addictive to them, they still need a “supply” a mark like Jeanne. They are always on the lookout for a man or a woman who is middle aged and single, or A single mom or dad. They do not accept rejection so when Jeanne left, he wasn’t about to let it happen and tried to bring her back to him.

Edwin’s reality is the house is paid yes however the state of the house it should be condemned totally unsafe. The backyard is as hazardous as the house. He had not paid any of his bills for a long time since Jeanne was the one to make sure it was paid. Unless you have been exposed to a hard drug addiction, they will hide it from you at first and lie about what kind it is when questioned. He did hide it for a long time from Jeanne until he got too comfortable, unlike Krissa, who knows all about it, that might be easier for Edwin, no need to hide it.

There is a lot of help you can find via YouTube on how to deal with a narcissist. One thing Jeanne did in that relationship was not wanting to change him. She learned to never do that most people tend to stay in the relationship in the hope they can change their partner which is a very very bad idea.

You can’t change a narcissist just walk away, even if you feel broken inside. I can say you will survive and be yourself again. Narcissists are like vampires, they will target people who have a bright and strong spirit, in the quest to destroy them by any means. There are no rules in their games, they will use everything you say against you.

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