Becoming Wiser When Using The Occult World

Becoming Wiser When Using The Occult World

occult worldPracticing in the Occult World comes with responsibilities, in the Universe the Occult World has its place, like everything else, believed it or not. Using it comes with greater consequences on the clients and the recipients.

In the previous blog about the usage of the Occult World we talked about the abuse of clients using it from their ego not their spirit. We have lifted the veil on consequences that are common mistakes clients are making. Not being aware of how much harm they can do to the intended targets as well as themselves

One of the basic rules that should always be applied when practicing is the Order of the Universe. When a prospective client is asking for a love spell, the practitioner should be consulting the Universe before engaging in any works. Making sure they got the approval from the Universe, if the person is married and is bond to his/her mate they should not be violating the sacred bond of marriage. Instead they should disengage and speak with the client letting him/her know they cannot do the work. As an alternative they should let the potential client know, they indeed can help them attract the right person who is not in a bonded relationship.

I would like to share another true story to make the point. (the names have been changed)

A nurse, we are going to call her Stephanie, was attracted to a surgeon, we are going to call him Paul. She knew he was married but was infatuated with him. She went to see a practitioner to have a love spell done. Unfortunately, the spell did not work, what do I mean by that? The practitioner couldn’t use the highest goodness of love instead he used a lower entity to do the spell. The result you may ask? Stephanie had a one-night stand with Paul, after that night Paul realized he made a mistake. He avoided her and refused all her advances. Stephanie got upset for being rejected by him. She went and saw a different practitioner. While she had her consultation with him, the practitioner discovered that Paul was married, also he was not meant to be with Stephanie but his current wife. Based on this information he refused to move forward with her request but talk to Stephanie about attracting the right person for her. She got upset, refused the offer from the practitioner and she left.

Something people need to realize when you are doing a love spell on someone, like in the case of Paul, the practitioner could bring death into Paul’s hands. Let me explain, if the practitioner decided to take on the love spell, he in the middle of the night will do the spell. Because Paul is a surgeon he has been called in one night at the same time the practitioner is doing the spell, Paul is in the OR. While working with his hands performing a surgery, he could start to think about Stephanie. Shifting his focus to her he could accidentally severed a patient’s artery causing an accidental death. When doing a spell, the practitioner is not aware of what Paul is doing. Consequences could be devastating for Paul as well as the patient.

Is anyone knowing how a spell is done? To do a spell the practitioner will find your aura aka your spiritual body. When they find it, they are going to look at what you like. Based on that information they are going to use it to create an attraction toward their clients. If the Universe and your top guardian angel that is watching over you, have agreed prior to do the spell of what the practitioner is intended to do. The practitioner will work with the Highest Goddesses of love. The love spell will work with a happy ending and the blessing of the Universe

If the practitioner has not consulted the Universe prior to do the work. The Highest Goddess of love will refuse to do the work. The practitioner will have to use a lower level entity to do the job. This will translate as follows; the spell will only work for a few weeks. The client will have to pay more money to get this going, the effects are going to be devastating for the recipient’s life. But again, at the end it will never work. You can destroy someone’s family unit, but you will never have his/her heart at the end. Even let say Paul and his wife divorced because of the impact the spell had done in their marriage. Their bond will stay intact, he and she can try to move on, but their hearts will still be one. They will never be truly happy; the client will never have neither his body or heart.

The Universe has its own order, violating it comes with consequences to everyone. No one his immune to it, there is no free pass. In some instance horrifying death can become the ultimate punishment for who has done wrong especially against someone else’s free will. You always must have two consenting parties. When a client is asking any kind of spell to be done the Universe will, if it is not done for the greatest good, make you accountable for the consequences. The Top Goddess will refuse to work with the practitioner. As I mentioned in my previous blog you will pay before you die for what you have done. Then, when you are going back on the other side to face the counsel afterward.

Something everyone needs to know for every spell available there is an antidote, another spell to remove what was done as well. Nothing is ever permanent especially when it is done by humans. Only the Universe can create bonds for eternity.

In this time and age people are not realizing the consequences can come from using it unwisely. It feels like some are using it like they are going to a drive through ordering their meal, eat it and move on. It is not the case here.

The Occult World is a beautiful world, I have been part of it since I was born into it. One of my Great Grandfathers’ was a powerful shaman. We have had gifts passing from generation to generation. After 4 decades of living, breathing and practicing, I have learned how to use my gifts wisely but most of all how to respect the order of the Universe. When you are practicing in the Occult world you need to learn to work from your spirit and being humbled for the gifts you have been entrusted with to do good in this world. It is again a double edge sword, some individuals can lose sight of it because of the power they are feeling; becoming blind sighted by it. You must be grounded and check in once in a while to make sure you are working from your spirit.

I had the privileged to work directly and indirectly with a few masters. It gave me the opportunity to learn new skills. I also am working with one of the most powerful shaman, who is not located in the US. He is a master in his field, I am a master in my field we are very good friends and through the years had our share of interesting stories.  Lately, we have shared our concerns about what is going on with the rise of love spells against people’s free will. The abuse and violation of the sacred bonds.

The Universe in its infinite wisdom has allowed me to share information for everyone to read and learn from it. Everything in my blogs, published by yours truly, including the Occult World series is not fiction. Practitioners who are reading it know what I am talking about. So are some clients, this world is fascinating because of its magic, mystery and legends from Merlin to Nostradamus.

We are not hiding but living in bright day light like everyone else. We are connected with the 6, 7 and higher dimension accessing the wisdom of the Universe.

Some of the information I am sharing cannot be found on the web. When I wrote I channel the Universe, I share the messages that need to be read.

I would also make the following point: It takes years for a surgeon to learn his craft & skills. Can you imagine if you had someone coming into an OR to perform a surgery on his first day of the first year of premed? I would not want to be that patient!! It takes years before he can start to practice.

This applies also to the Occult world, before you can do that you need to learn, first as an apprentice, then a journeyman this could lead you to become if you are meant to be a teacher or a master. It takes years to do that as well. Gaining the wisdom and understanding of our crafts. We also need to be respectful of it.