Why are you using the occult world?

Why are you using the occult world?

I would like to expand today on this matter.

This applies to everything in life from jobs to mates.

I am going to talk about mates.

When you are entering into a marriage you are signing a contract not only on paper at the court-house, mayor’s office, church etc. but you are signing one with the Universe.

During your life you are going to meet people who could have been in a parallel life your mate. In some cases, some people can become infatuated with someone they have met at work, during an event or a conference even though they are currently married.

Let’s talk about those infatuations, most of the time it is not reciprocated, that individual he/she is in a wonderful relationship. He/she has no interest in pursuing a relationship with you. Instead he/she is kindly refusing the advances that are being made.

Unfortunately, the individual with the infatuation is not too keen to accept NO as an answer neither is he/she going to let it go, he/she is going to do something that is unethical. Breaking all the sacred rules from the Universe.

He/she is now going to go the alternative way. What is the alternative way? I am speaking about esoteric, looking at someone in the occult world to get their way.

He/she is going to spend hundreds even thousands of dollars to do something against someone else’s free will.

By doing so, he/she is now taking someone away from their true love, their mate. Altering not only their life against their free will, but destroying a family trying to get someone who wasn’t meant to be with them. In total disregard of what happens to that individual and how they are now affecting them mentally, spiritually and physically.

They are going to create an obsession for that individual by using one of the primal instincts “sex”.

At first the person that is being targeted will be distant with their mate, arguing with them all times, not having any more intimacy. Even sleeping in a separate room. The view of his/her mate will repulse them. They are becoming secretive, spending their time on their phone sexting the other person. They are spending their time thinking about the other person. Their work is suffering, there are not performing well at all.

Because they got infected through the first chakra (which is the root chakra, when unbalanced it can cause addiction including sex, food, drinks, drogue etc.) The entity that was sent to them is now moving toward their brain trying to take over it. When the entity is reaching the brain, a battle begins between their spirit and that entity. In an extreme case it can cause someone to literally, go mad.

Something people who are using that route, do not understand, there is no feeling of love from that person. They will sooner or later realize that the infatuation they have for that person will never be reciprocated. Hoping to see some romantic moment with that individual they are realizing that person is using them for “releasing themselves of the urges they are experiencing” against their will.

Now they are faced with two choices, going back to the person that has done the occult work. Trying to push more on the poor individual that could bring him/her to the brink of complete destruction or finally leave that person alone.

In some extreme cases the person that is doing the pursuing will not stop at anything. While the person fighting for their life trying desperately to fight any acquiesce. They are starting to figure it out after several months something is wrong, but they have no idea how to fix it neither where it is coming from. They are still drawn to that person even though they have no feelings towards them, it is purely sexual urges.

How do you get out of this nightmare? Someone in the same world of occult will have to remove that entity. A single prayer is not going to help, it can take several months to do that. But also, if that person is still infatuated he/she will not stop at one person they will, if money is not an issue, go to see anyone that will, for a price, send another entity to the targeted person.

Unless the person that has been targeted is getting some help, he/her life is now become totally discombobulated.

Word of advice for anyone who has a crush or an infatuation towards someone. If you are currently married but like to fool around go with people who are willing to do it. If someone is happily married and refuses your advances, walk away you should not imposed your will on someone who is not meant to be with you.

Remember Karma? If you think you are going to get away with murder by doing that. You are gravely mistaken you are breaking a major cardinal rule at the end it never works. You are destroying someone else’s soul and life. Fifteen minutes of lust doesn’t justify anyone to act this way unless all the parties are willingly and consenting.

It is unfortunate to see this kind of behavior happening more often than we think. If you look at people around you, you could have someone under the influence of an entity that makes them act that way. Not everyone who is cheating on their partner is under any kind of spell… (don’t use that as an excuse)

In my line of work, I have seen individuals without a conscience who had no respect for anyone that will do that. You really need to read the following words “If you are not with that person, you are not meant to be with him/her. If you are using the occult world to get what you want, you need to understand that individual will never love you. Their heart belongs to someone else. Before going to see someone to have something done on someone check if that person is meant to be with you first if NOT then attract the right person that is meant to be with you.” At the end of the day and thousands of dollars spent for nothing it is not going to work. Destroying a human life along with their family will not bring you what you want. You will have to pay for your wrong deeds as well. It is an extremely high price to pay, I have witnessed people who have paid for what they have done, and it wasn’t pretty.

Remember you do not take what doesn’t belong to you or with you. The Universe has an infinite supplies for all of us, our ego is the one who creates the illusion of lacking. We all have a someone who is meant for us, we do not need to take someone away from their true loves.