Who Is Emmanuelle

Who Is Emmanuelle

Emmanuelle Di Gallo is an international six sensory consultants, a visionary guide, a writer, podcaster and mentor. She collaborated articles to PowerHouse Global Magazine (PGM). A wondrous raconteur, Emmanuelle is known for her enlightening humor, her laugh is contagious and will put you at ease. She is skilled in quickly shifting people from a state of worry to a clear positive energy. Because of her unique gifts Emmanuelle has helped countless individuals over the years.

If you need clarity in your personal and professional life you have been guided to the right place. By diving deep into your predicaments Emmanuelle will help you to see with a fresh perspective how to approach each situation for the best possible outcome. Emmanuelle’s background in tapping into the wisdoms of the Universe has proven to help individuals to find their true selves through intuitions.

If you are lingering about your goals, your dreams, your life’s mission or simply where you are in your journey, Emmanuelle will help you to take the first step towards them. Having someone by your side that can guide you along your path and helping you navigate obstacles. Someone that can empower you, someone that can hear you and see your true potential. The biggest obstacle in your life is yourself!  By opening your mind to the infinite possibilities you will be able to see your true self, your true potential, foremost you will accomplish what you thought was impossible

One of the most compelling story about Emmanuelle is in her four-part bio called “Being Me”, “Behind the Glass”, “Broken Glass” and “Walking into the Light”. Not everyone has an opportunity to have someone that can be by their side to guide them along their path. You are reading this because you are at the point you need some guidance from the Universe. Emmanuelle is at your service to help you to achieve that.

Emmanuelle has finessed her gifts by working with Sonia Choquette for the past few years. She also has studied from Dr Joseph Murphy, Dr Wayne Dyer, Collette Baron-reid and Doreen Virtue.

Emmanuelle has dedicated her life to share the wisdom of the Universe for the highest good of everyone.