Personal Consultation With Emmanuelle

Personal Consultation With Emmanuelle


Why people get a reading?

An intuitive reading helps individuals have a new perspective on their true potential, their life purpose. We are lifting a corner of the veil, that is your life, in order to have a bird’s-eye view.

In our time spent together, I will bring to light where you are at this present moment in your journey, your soul’s purpose, your soul’s lessons and obstacles. Then we look at how to best align your plans, overcome your blocks, and get into a state of equilibrium and flow of purposefulness.

During our session we are going to uncover your goals and aspirations. We bring the clarity you need to make decisions that will empower you to avoid repeating the same negative patterns. We will unleash your true potential which will bring you peace and move you toward your dream.

You may also ask questions about your personal life, your relationships and your professional career. We will dive deeply into those questions with the help of the Universe to provide you the answers that align with your goals. You also need to be open minded. Some answers may not make sense at the time of the reading but will later.

I find working with clients remotely is even more effective than having them sitting across from me. I can tap into your energy anywhere. Making phone readings is an effective resource for those who are seeking a personal consultation from the comfort of your home wherever you are in the world.

My fee for an appointment is $240, which is a small investment for a life changing outcome.
Readings are 30/60 minutes and cost $120/$240 in price. Readings are available over the phone or Skype and are on a limited basis.

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