Being Me

Being Me

Being MeIt is strange to write about me, about the life I live and finally open the door in order for us to have a pick inside of my world that have been closed for so long. In order for me to grow in my journey, I decided to take a leap of faith and jump into the unknown.
The Universe is a beautiful place that nobody can truly understand and fully appreciate until you start to fulfill your journey. The one you have been called upon, the rightful place you are supposed to be on that chessboard that is called life.
That journey started when I was young in a small town of 1500 people. I realized who I was not where I came from by looking inside of me. I knew I was different even though I felt I didn’t belong, I never felt at home in that small town. I always felt it was a mistake everything around me was wrong I wasn’t where I was suppose to be.
It is subjective to take on this world without looking at your true self. It is an illusion to pretend to be someone else in order to be accepted or fit in, it is truly a burden and exhausting.
I have met individuals along my path that were hiding their true beautiful self for whatever reason pushed them to do so. But when I was around them they felt safe to show who they truly were.
At one point in my life decided to do what I called “a beauty sleep” phase at work in order to avoid to be seen by others. Even in that “beauty sleep” phase the Universe reminded me who I truly was.

All of us have a mission to accomplish in order to do that we have to grow and learn our life lessons whatever they are. As joyful or painful those life lessons are we are here to learn and grow.
We are all beautiful soul that radiates love even if the outer conditions are less than ideal. When we are true to ourselves we are one with the Universe.

I have an image I used when the conditions that surrounded me were beyond tolerable. I always pictured myself hanging upside down in a wind tunnel with the wind blowing in my face at full speed looking like a French bulldog smiling wearing a pair of sunglasses.
The thought of that picture always made me smile.

We have to learn to love ourselves, respect ourselves do not compromise who we are because we are all beautiful lights.

It is time to step up in order for the Universe to see our beautiful light.